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The Malcolm Saville Centenary Website

John Allsup is a keen member of the Malcolm Saville Society and has produced this website which contains a wealth of information on the books and included many jacket illustrations.

The Malcolm Saville Archive

Dr Stephen Bigger of Worcester University is a regular contributor to Acksherley! magazine and a keen Society member. This site contains some interesting letters from Malcolm Saville to his readers.

The Malcolm Saville Archive Blog

This blog is maintained by Stephen Bigger (see above) and supplements the information in his website.

Girls Gone By Publishers

Girls Gone By Publishers are a small firm specialising in re-publishing childrens books. They have re-published a number of Malcolm Saville books, using the first editions so you get the unabridged versions. Each one has an introductory piece about the book and its background. Every serious Saville collector will find these to be great value!

Collecting Books and Magazines

A superb Australian site about all aspects of children's book collecting, with some good links to other sites and societies.

Bertram Prance

This illustrator is familiar to readers of the Newnes editions of the Lone Pine stories.

Malcolm Saville Online

Mark O'Hanlon has published several books and CDs about Malcolm Saville and his books. This site gives details of his current offerings. Well worth a look for collectors of all things Savillian.

Advanced Book Exchange (ABE)

This site is a great way of finding second-hand books on the Internet. There are several hundred Saville titles currently listed.

Lutterworth Press

One of Malcolm Saville's original publishers, they published one of his last books - Words for all Seasons - no longer in print but still available new from Amazon.


On-line version of the UK bookseller stocking current editions of Lone Pine titles.


The well-known web bookseller is worth checking for Saville titles.