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List of Books currently held in the Library

Lone Pine
Mystery at WitchendNewnes1945
Seven White GatesNewnes1944
The Gay Dolphin AdventureNewnes1945
The Secret of Grey WallsNewnes1958
Lone Pine FiveNewnes1949
The Flower-Show HatMSS2000
The Elusive GrasshopperNewnes1951
The Neglected MountainNewnes1953
Saucers Over the MoorNewnes1955
Wings over WitchendArmada1964
Lone Pine LondonNewnes1957
The Secret of the GorgeNewnes1958
Mystery MineNewnes1959
Sea Witch Comes HomeNewnes1960
Not Scarlet But GoldNewnes1962
Treasure at AmorysChildren's Book Club1964
Man with Three FingersArmada1971
Rye RoyalCollins1969
Strangers at WitchendArmada1974
Where's My Girl?Collins1972
Home to WitchendArmada1978
Marston Baines
Three Towers in TuscanyHeinemann1963
The Purple ValleyHeinemann1964
Dark DangerChildrens Book Club1966
White FireGirls Gone By2019
The Power Of ThreeHeinemann1968
The Dagger and the FlameHeinemann1970
The Master of MaryknollEvans Brothers1950
The Buckinghams at RavenswykeEvans1952
The Long PassageChildren's Book Club1960
A Palace for the BuckinghamsEvans1963
The Secret of the Villa RosaCollins1971
Diamond in the SkyCollins1974
Redshanks WarningLutterworth Press1948
Two Fair PlaitsLutterworth Press1948
Strangers at SnowfellArmada1963
The Sign of the Alpine RoseLutterworth Press1950
The Luck of SallowbyWhite Lion1976
The Ambermere TreasureLutterworth Press1953
All Summer ThroughHodder and Stoughton1951
Christmas at NettlefordChildrens Book Club1953
Spring Comes to NettlefordHodder and Stoughton1954
The Secret of Buzzard ScarHodder and Stoughton1955
Susan and Bill
Susan, Bill and the Wolf DogNelson1954
Susan, Bill and the Ivy Clad OakNelson1954
Susan, Bill and the Vanishing BoyNelson1955
Susan, Bill and the Golden ClockNelson1955
Susan, Bill and the Dark StrangerNelson1956
Susan, Bill and the Saucy KateNelson1956
Susan, Bill and the Bright Star CircusNelson1960
Michael and Mary
Trouble at TownsendTransatlantic Arts1945
The Riddle of the Painted BoxTransatlantic Arts/Royle1947
The Flying Fish AdventureJohn Murray1950
The Secret of the Hidden PoolJohn Murray1953
Young Johnnie BimboJohn Murray1956
The Fourth KeyJohn Murray1957
Country Scrap-Book for Boys and GirlsNational Magazine Company1944
Open Air Scrap-Book for Boys and GirlsGramol1945
Seaside Scrap-Book for Boys and GirlsGramol1946
The Adventure of the Life-Boat ServiceMacdonald1950
The Coronation Gift Book for Boys & GirlsDaily Graphic/Pitkin Pictorials1952
King of KingsNelson1958
Small CreaturesWard1959
Malcolm Saville's Country BookCassell1961
Malcolm Saville's Seaside BookCassell1962
Come to LondonHeinemann1967
Strange StoryMowbrays1967
Come to DevonBenn1969
Come to CornwallBenn1969
Come to SomersetBenn1970
See How It GrowsOxford University Press1971
Portrait of RyeMark O'Hanlon1999
The Story of Winchelsea ChurchWinchelsea Church1978
The Countryside QuizCarousel/Transworld1978
Wonder Why Book of Exploring the SeashoreTransworld1979
Words For All SeasonsLutterworth Press1979
The Seashore QuizCarousel1981
Jane's Country YearNewnes1946
Lucy and Humf
Four-and-Twenty BlackbirdsNewnes1959
The Secret of Galleybird PitArmada1967
Good Dog DandyWhite Lion1977
The Roman Treasure MysteryArmada1973