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Seven White Gates

Peter visits her aunt and uncle on their farm underneath The Stiperstones. Their brooding presence seems to have had an effect on Uncle Micah who resembles an Old Testament prophet. What could have been a miserable holiday for Peter becomes an exciting adventure when she meets Jenny and the Mortons join her.

Newnes (1944) Full Text Library copy available
Dymocks (1951) Australian edition
Newnes (1958) Full Text
Het Spectrum (1962) Dutch edition
Molino (1962) Spanish edition
Bel (?) Dutch edition
Collins (1969)
Armada (1970)
Goodchild (1983)
Karisto (1990) Finnish edition
Girls Gone By (2006) Full Text
David Schutte (2009) Radio Play

In Print

Published by David Schutte, Petersfield. ISBN: 978-0-9546802-9-9
128 printed pages Hardback RRP £21.50