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Mystery at Witchend

The first of Malcolm Saville's books. The Mortons are evacuated to Shropshire during World War II. They explore the area, make new friends and form the Lone Pine Club. Mysterious strangers, kidnappings and explosives are all part of this gripping tale.

Newnes (1943) Full Text
Newnes (1945) Full Text Library copy available
Farrar and Rinehart (1945) American Edition
Molino (1961) Spanish Edition
Het Spectrum (1962) Dutch Edition
Bel Junior (?) Dutch Edition
Collins (1969)
Collins Budget (1971)
Armada (1971)
Goodchild (1983)
Karisto (1989) Finnish Edition
Scholastic Press (1995)
Girls Gone By (2006) Full Text
David Schutte (2008) Radio Play

In Print

Published by David Schutte, Petersfield. ISBN: 978-0-9546802-5-1
128 printed pages Hardback. RRP £21.50