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Lone Pine

The Lone Pine books are the best-known of Malcolm Saville's stories. They start in wartime Shropshire where a group of children become friends and uncover a group of enemy spies. As the series progresses, more children join the group and the action moves to different parts of England including Sussex, Dartmoor, Suffolk, Yorkshire and London. Although the war ends and time moves on, the children only get a couple of years older during the 35 years spanned by these stories.

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Mystery at Witchend *In Print
Seven White Gates *In Print
The Gay Dolphin Adventure *In Print
The Secret of Grey Walls *
Lone Pine Five *
The Flower-Show Hat *
The Elusive Grasshopper *
The Neglected Mountain *
Saucers Over the Moor *In Print
Wings over Witchend *
Lone Pine London *
The Secret of the Gorge *In Print
Mystery Mine *In Print
Sea Witch Comes Home *In Print
Not Scarlet But Gold *In Print
Treasure at Amorys *In Print
Man with Three Fingers *In Print
Rye Royal *In Print
Strangers at Witchend *
Where's My Girl? *In Print
Home to Witchend *In Print

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