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Please note non-UK purchasers are advised to contact Kathleen by email for a price quotation for all items below.



Four magazines are produced for members each year. There are three editions of Acksherley! which contains details of the Society's activities
and articles relating to Malcolm Saville's life and work.

The fourth magazine is a programme, produced to accompany the Annual Gathering.
This contains articles relevant to the location of the Gathering and is distributed to all members.

However this year (2021) we have been unable to hold our Annual Gathering due to COVID-19 and therefore no Souvenir Programme. Instead there is a booklet of sketch maps of Saville locations drawn by John Allsup, which will be distributed to all members at the usual time when we send our membership renewal reminders around June.

Click here for details of each magazine.

Pentabus Programme

This was produced for the Pentabus production of 'The Lone Pine Club' play by Alice Birch that the Society helped to sponser in 2015. We have a few copies
left for those who attended and either didn't buy or have since lost their programmes, or for the unfortunate few who did not manage to
attend - a piece of memorabilia for all Society members!

Price is £1.00 to include P&P to the UK.

Malcolm Saville Bibliography

The Society commissioned this bibliography to highlight the range of Malcolm Saville's work and provide the collector with a definitive list of books. In addition,
it lists Malcolm Saville's short stories and articles as well as titles about the author himself.

The book is 280 pages long and contains many colour illustrations.

Price is £13.00 to include P&P to the UK. Please contact Kathleen Elliott if you wish to purchase a copy from abroad. Please note a free copy will be sent to
all new members, while stocks last.

Short Story Competition - 2006

In 2006 the Society held a Short Story Competition, inviting members to submit short stories about the Lone Pine characters.

Sam Young and Alan Stone organised the publication of all 16 entries in book form. Currently available at a bargain price of £6.00

Short Story Competition - 2009

Following the success of the 2006 competition, the competition was repeated in 2009, this time with an additional category for Micro-Stories. These were limited
to a maximum of 500 words.

Alan Stone organised the publication of all 27 entries in book form on behalf of the Society.

Currently available at the bargain price of £6.00

Non-UK purchasers are advised to contact Kathleen by email for a price quotation.

A special offer of both books, ordered together, is available for a heavily discounted price of £10.00

Treasure and Trouble DVD

Two films were produced based on Malcolm Saville stories: Trouble at Townsend and Treasure at the Mill. We have been able to produce a DVD
featuring both of these films and supplemented by additional material.

The DVD is available for only £10.00. For more details click here.


The Gay Dolphin Adventure Lone Pine Five/
Not Scarlet But Gold
The Secret of Buzzard Scar Seven White Gates Saucers over the Moor The Buckinghams at Ravenswyke The Long Passage Mystery at Witchend Redshank's Warning

These bookmarks above were produced for Annual Gathering meetings and feature images from the spines of Malcolm Saville books. Each bookmark features two images as shown, most being from two different editions, while one features two different books.

The bookmarks are printed in full colour on plasticised card which will stand up to normal usage indefinitely.

Each bookmark is available for purchase at £1.25 including postage and packaging.

As a special offer we can supply all the bookmarks for a reduced price of £8.00 again including postage and packing.

NEW Wings over Witchend mug

An elegant china mug imprinted with the cover of the first edition of Wings over Witchend. This makes a nice gift for any Saville fan. Everyone needs at least (no. of family members plus 2 for guests)!

Available by post for £8.50* each, including post and packing (*UK only - Kathleen will contact you with price for overseas postage).

Malcolm Saville Society enamel badge

A 'must have' item for all Society members!

Available by post for £3.00 each, including post and packing.

Lone Pine Lapel Badge

The original little lapel badges - ideal for recognising other Saville fans.

The badges are available by post for £2.50 including post and packing.

Lone Pine Club Badges

One of two new badges, this one based on the original Lone Pine Club badges sent out by Malcolm Saville.

The badges are £1.00 including post and packing.

The second new badge, this one based on the Armada pine cone logo

The badge is again £1.00 including post and packing.

Gay Dolphin Print

A high quality print of the Gay Dolphin Hotel. These are a limited edition of a painting by a well-known artist (Kim) showing her interpretation of this fictional building. The print is available by post for only £12.50 including post and packing.

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