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Acksherley No. 50 - Spring 2013


Editorial - Steven Handy
Forthcoming Events
Secretary's Report - Sally Walker
Brownlow Square Reveal Yourself - Stephen Bigger
Lone Pine Rye Quiz - Viv Turner
Portrait of Blakeney - Norah Davies
No Easy Answers - Julie Hall
Satellites over the Mynd - Mark O'Hanlon
Shropshire Map - John Allsup
Mackie on Trial - Brian Turner
Charlie - Malcolm Saville
Jennifer Mettyear (Eulogy) - Mark Sparrow
The Same Old Scene
Secret in the Mist episodes9, 10 and 11
Early Autumn in the Fens - Chantelle Wilkinson
Sparks Fly in Lewes - Susan Graham

Artwork by Elsie Wrigley