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Acksherley No. 48 - Summer 2012


Society Matters - Sally Walker and Bill Purvis
Forthcoming Events
Robin Saville: Europe's Finest - a tribute - Mark O'Hanlon
Some North London connections - Tim Hall
Septimus Bland - Stephen Bigger
Edwards and Saville - Norah Davies
Secret in the Mist - Episode six
Bookshops in Los Boliches - Viv Turner
Lone Pine Spain
The Susan and Bill books - 5 to 8 - David Cook
Strawberry - Malcolm Saville
The Jillies on TV - Steven Handy
Chelsea in retrospect - Malcolm Saville
Shrewsbury Gathering event feature - Ian Aitken, Shaan Everson and Sera Roberts
Your letters and photos

Images from Jenny Heath's illustrations in Saville's Wonder Why Book of Exploring the Seashore