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Acksherley! No. 37 - Autumn 2008


Editorial - Alan Stone

From the Chair - Frank Shepperd

Postcards From...
Blakeney Weekend - Susan Graham
Two Rings Weekend - Kathleen Elliott

The Wonderful Girl - Peter Johnson
`Woodcraft Folk' and Open Air Pursuits - Stephen Bigger
Strolling in Shropshire - Norah Davis
A bit of fun - Where are our girls?
Bedtime stories and a glass of Pomagne - Tony Gillam
It's a funny old world - Coralie Payne
Pros and Cons - Anthony Cook

Missing Scene
Beyond Strangers at Snowfell - Alan Stone

Society Updates
Letter to the editor
Forthcoming Events
Website Update
Merchandise - Branded Clothing
Short Story Book

Downland. From the Two Rings Weekend. Photo by Jane Noble.