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Shrewsbury Gathering 2004


Introduction - Bernard Meade
Our Guest Speaker: Mary Cadogan
Can Lightning Strike Twice? - Patrick Tubby
Scrobbessbyrig - An Appealing Name - Kim Spencer
To Any American Father From An English Father - Malcolm Saville
The First Society Walk - Christine Walker
We'll be the Lone Pine Club - Mark O'Hanlon
Three Heros - David Cook
My Shropshire Adventure - Clive Gee
A Guide to Shropshire - Arthur and Harry Walker
The Longmynd - Plot Parallels and Locations - David Cook
Honeymoon in Lone Pine Land - Robert Smart
They Changed Trains... - Stephen Bigger
Spot the Difference
A Guide to Producing a Souvenir Programme - Mike McGarry

The cover illustration was drawn by John Allsup