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East Sussex Gathering 2020


Outline Programme
Useful contacts
Chairman's Welcome - Kim Spencer
Organiser's Welcome - Clive Gee
A Smuggler's Song - Rudyard Kipling
Articles fom previous Rye Souvenir Programmes
'Well that's just silly', said Penny
Dungeness - Sally Walker
Rye circa 1950
A self-guided tour of Rye with Jon and Penny
Where is The Gay Dolphin? - Marcus Pipe
Where is 'Rye Royal for Books and Prints'? - Sally Walker
Around Camber Castle
Lamb House - Kim Spencer
Map from the first Annual Gathering Souvenir Programme - David Saville
Commissioning David Saville's Sussex Map - Mark O'Hanlon
Another book about Rye - Kay Whalley
Old Winchelfey Drowned - Kim Spencer
Winchelsea windmill
Puzzles - Pam Kirkland
The loss of the Mary Stanford lifeboat - Kim Spencer
Hastings and St Leonards circa 1950
A St Leonards Childhood - Christine Harris
Around and about Hastings
Foyle's Hastings - Della Johnson

East Sussex Gathering Souvenir Programme 2020