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Acksherley! No. 64 - Winter 2017


Useful Contacts
Editorial - Kim Spencer
Committee details
Letters - Tim Hall, Carol Prior, David S Bell
Scotland at last! - Doreen Scott, Diana Pattison & Pam Jones
The Ludlow weekend - Wesley Harcourt
The Buckinghams meet the Chalet School - Pam Kirkland
Burway Books - Rosalind Ephraim
Lewes, Four and Twenty Blackbirds and the Gray/Brown family - Stephen Bigger
Meet your Author - Eric Leyland
London Mithraeum - Janice Brown
Words for All Seasons - Winter - Walter de la Mare
Festival Pleasure Gardens - David Shields
Society News
Forthcoming Events
A Lone Pine window

Acksherley! 64 - Winter 2017