Books in Print

The following books by Malcolm Saville are believed to be currently in print.

If you know otherwise, do let us know!

Mystery at Witchend
Seven White Gates
The Gay Dolphin Adventure
The Master of Maryknoll
The Buckinghams at Ravenswyke
The Long Passage
Saucers Over the Moor
Treasure at the Mill
The Secret of the Gorge
Mystery Mine
Sea Witch Comes Home
Not Scarlet But Gold
Three Towers in Tuscany
Treasure at Amorys
The Purple Valley
Man with Three Fingers
Rye Royal
Home to Witchend

The following related books or items, by authors other than Malcolm Saville are also believed to be currently in print.

Little Light
Church Stretton and Shropshire Walks
Short Story Competition 2006

Your local bookshop should be able to obtain these if you supply the ISBN.

Also, see our books links page for other possible sources.
You may also find the odd copy in other second-hand or charity bookshops.