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Malcolm Saville (1901 - 1982) is best known as an author of children's series fiction but also wrote books about the English countryside. Millions of children have read Malcolm Saville's adventure stories which are set in real locations which he encouraged his readers to explore for themselves. His principal works involved The Lone Pine Club - a group of children who form a secret society in wartime Shropshire.

The Malcolm Saville Society exists to remember the author and to promote awareness of his work. We publish four magazines each year as well as arranging regular events. For details of the latest issue click on the box to the right →

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Friday, August 14 2020:

Help required!

You will be pleased to know that the Malcolm Society Committee, when planning its 25th anniversary celebrations for 2019, decided to publish (subject to availability of copyright), as part of its programme of “Next 25 years” activities, a book of all Saville-related newspaper and magazine articles, as well as his short stories (but excluding The Flower Show Hat, which has previously been published by the Society).

This is a big task, as Saville wrote extensively in such magazines as My Garden, contributed short pieces to many newspapers and journals, and was commissioned to write some ‘one-off’ pieces (such as the Liverpool Cathedral Coronation Souvenir discussed by Kim Spencer in a recent Acksherley! and thought by many to not exist!).

So – if you have any snippets of such journalism or think you know where they can be found, please let the Society know by emailing us here.

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