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Who's who?

The Society is run by a dedicated team, many of whom are shown below. We welcome the active involvement of members for, as well as spreading the workload, it helps build friendships.

Following the AGM in Norfolk in April 2019 (and left unchanged in 2020 because of the cancellation of the AGM), the Committee is currently as follows:

Kim Spencer
Kim is the Society Chairman.
Penny Cooper
Penny is the deputy Chairman.
Clive Gee
Clive is the Society Treasurer.
David Smith
David is the Secretary, handling the mountains of administrative work with the same enthusiasm he puts into his Scottish dancing.
Deirdre McGowan
Deirdre was previously a Committee Member and was persuaded to rejoin the Committee in 2013.
David Shields
David maintains the Society website.
Eleanor Martin Eleanor Martin
Eleanor is a Committee member and deals with the Society's book sales.
Lin Brown Lin Brown
Lin joined the Committee in 2016.
Pam Kirkland Pam Kirkland
Pam joined the Committee in 2016.
Wesley Harcourt Wesley Harcourt
Wesley joined the Committee in 2016 and is Membership Registrar (so please send application forms, renewals, changes of address etc to him).

The following are not Committee members, but either undertake or have undertaken various tasks for the Society.

Kath Elliott
Kath stood down from the Committee at the 2016 AGM, but fortunately agreed to continue handling Merchandising and the Library.
Mark Mark O'Hanlon
Joint founder of this Society and biographer of Malcolm Saville.

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