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Merchandising - please note that this is currently unavailable until the Coronavirus outbreak is over


The clothing items listed below have a 1.5" (40mm) high Lone Pine logo on the left breast. Click on the items listed below for more details. Prices include UK postage and packing and should be ordered from Kath Elliott using this form .

If you are a member of the Society, you can access Kath's postal address in the Online Peewit facility after you have logged in. Otherwise, contact Kath by email and she can let you have her postal address.

Prices, colours and other details are as shown here.

Polo Shirt
Ladies Polo Shirt
Sweat Shirt
Ladies Sweat Shirt
Rugby shirt
Ladies Rugby Shirt

Rugby shirt (quartered)
Ladies Rugby Shirt (Quartered)
Full Zip Fleece
Half Zip Fleece

Other Items

Lone Pine Club Badge

Armada Pine Cone Badge
Malcolm Saville Society enamel badge
Short Stories 2006
Short Stories 2009
Short Stories 2006+2009
Wings over Witchend Mug
Treasure and Trouble DVD
Lone Pine Lapel Badge
Pentabus Programme
Malcolm Saville Bibliography
Gay Dolphin Print
Bookmark: The Elusive Grasshopper
Bookmark: Lone Pine Five/Not Scarlet But Gold
Bookmark: The Secret of Buzzard Scar
Bookmark: Seven White Gates
Bookmark: Saucers over the Moor
Bookmark: The Buckinghams at Ravenswyke
Bookmark: The Long Passage
Bookmark: Mystery at Witchend
Bookmark: Redshank's Warning
Bookmark: Set of nine